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Collect images/photos/clippings of designs, finishes and colors that please you; determine what styles you like and don’t like.

Prioritize your goals for the project-determine what you must have and what you would like to have in the finished space and specify what works and doesn’t work in the current space.

Define the scope of the project, determine your budget and research financing, if needed.

Complete our Kitchen Questionnaire or Bath Questionnaire and submit via our website home page for our review. Specify the type of project you wish to undertake.

Contact us at 703-675-7083 or via email at info@topbuilders.com to schedule an in-home estimate. We can arrange an estimate during the week or on weekends at a time convenient for you.

Brainstorm with our design professionals and let them know what you envision for your project. Share the pictures you have collected of designs that please you-we want to hear what you like and don’t like to help guide our efforts in formulating a design and budget. Do you really want rich, dark cherry cabinets? Maybe you prefer a more modern slab door made out of maple? Or do you need to see the wide variety of cabinet door styles we offer to help you make your selection? Usually there is a common theme, whether it is the space configuration, color, style, etc. We will use those ideas to develop and tailor your design and budget.

Discuss budget parameters and determine whether the budget you have set will fit the scope of work. Many times, we can provide a verbal guesstimate at your home. Why a guesstimate? Because our design professionals have a rough idea of what your project will cost based on your description at the time of the first meeting.

Our design professionals will create a design to fit your needs and a description of the scope of work and will provide a more detailed estimate to discuss at the second meeting.

We will contact you to schedule a second meeting at our design center once the design and budget estimate are ready for review. We will review the details and features included in the design and the cost of the project, and make changes based on our discussions. We will provide you with suggestions for style and finishes to help achieve the desired look for the space. Cherrydale kitchen and Bath will generate a final detailed estimate for the cost of the project and draw up a written contract.

Cherrydale kitchen and Bath will confirm with you that the design to which you have agreed will work and will present the final estimate and contract for signature. If approved, we will finalize payment arrangements, sign the contract and establish a tentative start date. We will ask you for the first payment installment at the time the contract is signed.

If you are undertaking a kitchen remodel, you will need to locate a space to set up an alternate kitchen so that you can prepare meals and store groceries with the least amount of disruption to your daily family routines. If you intend to remodel a bathroom, identify an alternate bath for daily use. Clear the space designated to be remodeled. Cherrydale kitchen and Bath will contact you about one week prior to the projected start date to confirm and ensure the space has been cleared and is ready for demolition.

Your entire remodeling project will be overseen by the design professional who developed the design for your space. At the completion of the installation of your kitchen or bathroom or other remodeling project, both the design professional and owner of Cherrydale kitchen and Bath will do a final review and walk-through to ensure that all aspects of the project are completed to their satisfaction. You will be asked to sign off on the contract to confirm completion. You will now be able to enjoy your new space!

Things to Think About when Considering a Remodeling Project:

Depending upon the size and scope of your remodel, it could take weeks or months to complete. It is important to keep this in mind as you think about when to begin the project. If you usually host a large holiday party, you would do well to begin planning for the project well in advance of this.

It may sound obvious, but many people don’t plan where they are going to eat while their new kitchen is being installed. We recommend setting up a temporary kitchen in your dining room and having a microwave, toaster oven and other small appliances to help you through the transition.

You’d be amazed at what people forget once the process gets started. Before you sign off on a design plan and approve the order for materials, take a moment to review to ensure that what is included in the design and scope of work is what you agreed to and what you wanted to have completed.